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Allergic to Your Air Conditioner?

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If spring starts your nose running like a faucet, you're not alone. About 30% of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies.

Like you, they get the sneezing, the itching, the watery eyes, and the runny nose.

It's annoying.

It can get even more annoying if your seasonal allergies bag you a painful sinus infection.

Fighting Hay Fever

Fortunately, modern technology gives us a lot of tools to deal with seasonal allergies, one of which is to simply stay inside when the pollen count is too high. After all, your allergic reaction won't flare up if you stay away from the pollen in the outside air.

Which is where your air conditioner comes in.


You probably already know your home air conditioner cleans the air it conditions for your home. A simple device referred to as an air filter literally grabs dust, pollen, mold spores, and other allergens before they can get to you.

Air filter technology works really well. It can save you a headache, literally, if you suffer from hay fever.

Except when it's dirty.

Dirty Filters = Worse Allergies

A dirty air filter doesn't do a great job cleaning the air inside your home. That results in more pollen flying around the interior. That means there's more pollen for you to come into contact with. That means you might not get any respite from your allergies inside or outside of the house.

This is a pretty simple problem to solve.

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