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The Old Ways

Not too very many years ago the HVAC market, like any other, was constrained by individual retail storage space and primitive technology.

What sold was what the retailer had. What they had sold. Consumers didn't know any better, because they often didn't know about other options.

However, suppose a consumer knew and wanted to buy an HVAC product the retailer didn't have in stock. In these instances, musty product catalogs would emerge from desk drawers, and the wheels of a practically arcane procurement system would begin to turn.

The system worked, after a fashion. The customer would usually get the product they wanted. How long was the real question.

If a regional HVAC wholesaler had the item, the wait might not be long. A week or two. If they didn't, the wait would be longer.

Queries would have to be sent to the manufacturer who might or might not have anything in their own warehouse. If they didn't, the customer would have to wait until their particular product when make into production.

If it ever did.

Enter Information Age Technology

The aforementioned scenario wouldn't be out of place even twenty years ago, but the product landscape is so different now as to be unrecognizable.

Thanks to the Internet, an HVAC consumer can find out any little thing they want to know about any product on the market. This is good for consumers.

It creates a new problem for HVAC retailers, contractors and home builders. Consumers know have more information, but that doesn't mean the storage space got any cheaper.

Wholesales & Drop Shipping

Fortunately, the Internet promises to solve the problem it created with easier access to HVAC wholesale inventories, and supply chain management solutions like drop shipping and private label drop shipping.

While none of the concepts are brand spanking new, the speed at which they can be accomplished today pales in comparison to what was possible even a decade ago. Drop shipping integration in particular is revolutionizing a lot of HVAC small business operations.

Drop Shipping in the HVAC Industry

Most people will notice that HVAC products typically aren't very compact. A big HVAC system can cool an average home more efficiently, but, as we've mentioned, storage is a problem.

It's less of a problem for the manufacturer who has massive amounts of warehouse space, but it can be a real issue for a small HVAC company. Real estate isn't exactly cheap anywhere. In major markets it gets ridiculously expensive.

A warehouse just to store air conditioners or furnaces is out of reach of a lot of contractors, home builders and developers.

Which is where drop shipping comes in.

Paired with a big regional wholesaler, a small local business can have the necessary HVAC system drop shipped directly to the consumer in a day or two. This does a couple things:

  • The retailer minimizes their spending on real estate only used for storage.
  • The end customer isn't keep waiting for weeks on end while the order works its way up the supply chain to the primary manufacturer.
  • Everyone is happy.

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